About the founder

Kella McCaskill, a realtor in The Tampa Bay area, has provided many world-class athletes in the National Football League for the past five years.

Kella, for over the past 23 years, has enjoyed serving the Greater Tampa Bay area in the mortgage and real estate industry. As a result, Kella McCaskill felt compelled to become the founder of Community Housing Center, a non-profit established to help families avoid the devastation of homelessness due to foreclosure and predatory lending episodes.

Kella, the former manager of the Executive Resolutions Group of one of the largest financial institutions in the U.S., is a sought-after consultant to attorneys, non-profit organizations seeking to find resolutions with various clients regarding the mortgage crisis.

Ms. McCaskill recently wrote an article for the National Consumer’s digest magazine (a national magazine that has long focused on the extensive review on products and service to consumers) concerning the recent “Robo- signing issues.

Kella strongly believes that educating the buyer today helps to prevent another mortgage crisis tomorrow.

Kella has seen the needs of many small businesses within the area and has provided business assistance services for many companies in the Greater Tampa Bay area.