The Fight

Our organization has developed all of our programs and services to help in the fight of ending systemic racism.
We begin the fight by working internally in our local communities:
Our efforts consists of the following:
1. Improve our community:

a. Work to restore a sense of pride and ownership

In the african american community our school system reflects the lack of pride and ownership. We seek to share our Community Camp with the achievement schools .This will help introduce, community, unity , and homeownership.

b.Increase in homeownership in our communities

One of our services offered to the community AT NO COST is to help improve the conditions of some of the homes. We believe this simple gesture along with assisting local CRA’S and CAC’S with managing similar Neighborhood Improvement programs will help to improve our communities and make them more desirable .

c.Increase entrepreneurship

We assist small businesses with counseling services to help improve and or grow their small business . We help those with an interest to start a business get the necessary information to launch a successful business .

d. Educate

The Center offers a variety of training annually to help extend an EDVANTAGE as it relates to housing, and business .

2. Economic Development
The Center helps to improve the economic well being and quality of life of our local communities.
The Center helps to improve our community by creating small business collaborations with local county and government.
Help small businesses grow and help attract companies offering high wage earning positions in  areas  with  high growth industries.
We attract these businesses by sharing the incentives associated with relocating to our communities etc.
In Florida businesses can relocate and enjoy:

Businesses in Florida enjoy:

  • NO corporate income tax on limited partnerships
  • NO corporate income tax on subchapter S-corporations
  • NO corporate franchise tax on capital stock
  • NO state-level property tax assessed
  • NO personal income tax
  • NO sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment
  • NO sales and use tax on goods manufactured or produced in Florida for export outside the state
  • NO property tax on business inventories
  • NO property tax on goods-in-transit for up to 180 days
3. Collaborations
Working with local business, local and city and government entities on various projects will help to raise awareness of the strength and weakness in our community.
a. increase in minority contracts.
b.increase in development and homeownership programs designed to help with workforce housing initiatives
We believe that these 3 main objectives are our emerging initiatives.. This helps to shed light to everyone on what we need and how we can together fight in ending the systemic racism. Once there is a sense of a restored community with pride and ownership, various collaborations , working together for the same cause.
We believe it brings up a level of respect and treatment when dealing with us as a people.
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